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Paula Jones gave a nice review today to the Friday night message:

Just finished your More Jewish Secrets at Christmas Time message and totally loved it. When I thought you were done at the end of Simeon and Hannah, you were just getting started!

First, about Simeon and Hanna, Luke starts out talking about “On the eighth day when it was time to circumcise him… and then in v. 22 parents took him…to be consecrated. Your message is the first time I ever noticed those were probably two separate events. You were saying Yeshua was 30 days old, I had always heard and read he was at temple for circumcision when Hanna and Simeon saw him. Love it!

Then you shifted into high gear. The Joseph story is an all time favorite of mine. I thought it was exquisite how you brought Joseph’s story and Yeshua’s, Son of Joseph, story together, both in the suffering and in the purpose, then tossed it into our laps with the “how to”…they did not see themselves as victims, abandoned, or powerless because they always believed God was with them in the suffering and that purposes would be fulfilled because of the suffering. Yikes! Good message👏🏻👏🏻…I need a keyboard🤣

Thanks, Paula for your comments. Here’s a link to Friday night’s podcast:

Listen to: More Jewish Secrets at Christmas Time – Rabbi David Levine

The Joy of Ministry

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