Scriptures for Parshat b’Shalach

Messianic Jewish Teachings – Rabbi David Levine, January 18-19, 2019

Here are the scriptures from my teaching notes for this Shabbat,  Parshat b’Shalach, January 18-19, 2019. 

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Friday: Patterns of Faith and Redemption
Saturday: Wisdom and Courage of Faith

Exodus 12:13

The blood will serve you as a sign marking the houses where you are; when I see the blood, I will pass over you — when I strike the land of Egypt, the death blow will not strike you.

Exodus 12:23

When the LORD passes through to strike down the Egyptians, He will see the blood on the top and the two side posts and pass over the door; so He will not allow the destroyer to enter your houses and strike you down.

Exodus 13:17-18

17 After Pharaoh had let the people go, God did not guide them to the highway that goes through the land of the P’lishtim, because it was close by — God thought that the people, upon seeing war, might change their minds and return to Egypt. 18 Rather, God led the people by a roundabout route, through the desert by the Sea of Suf. The people of Isra’el went up from the land of Egypt fully armed.

Exodus 14:9-14

9 The Egyptians went after them, all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, with his cavalry and army, and overtook them as they were encamped by the sea, by Pi-Hachirot, in front of Ba‘al-Tz’fon. 10 As Pharaoh approached, the people of Isra’el looked up and saw the Egyptians right there, coming after them. In great fear the people of Isra’el cried out to Adonai 11 and said to Moshe, “Was it because there weren’t enough graves in Egypt that you brought us out to die in the desert? Why have you done this to us, bringing us out of Egypt? 12 Didn’t we tell you in Egypt to let us alone, we’ll just go on being slaves for the Egyptians? It would be better for us to be the Egyptians’ slaves than to die in the desert!” 13 Moshe answered the people, “Stop being so fearful! Remain steady, and you will see how Adonai is going to save you.He will do it today — today you have seen the Egyptians, but you will never see them again! 14 Adonai will do battle for you. Just calm yourselves down!”

Marc Chagall – Crossing of the Red Sea, 1966

Exodus 15:1-2

Afterwards Moshe and the people of Isra’el sang this song to Adonai:

“I will sing to Adonai, for he is highly exalted:
the horse and its rider he threw in the sea.

2 Yah is my strength and my song,
and he has become my salvation.
This is my God: I will glorify him;
my father’s God: I will exalt him.

Mi cha-mo-cha ba’-ei-lim, A-do-nai
Mi cha-mo-cha ne-dar ba-ko-desh
No-rah te-hi-lot, o-seh fe-leh

Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods?
Who is like You, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?

Matthew 13:23

 But the seed sown on good soil is the one who hears the word and understands it. He indeed bears fruit and produces a crop – a hundredfold, sixtyfold, or thirtyfold.

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