2019 Passover Workshop handouts

You can download and print these notes from the 2019 Passover Workshop. The download includes the 2019 Seder Outline which is needed to plan and organize your seder.

Introduction for First Time Passover Seder Leaders

Prepared by Messianic Rabbi David Levine, Passover 2019

Here are ideas that can keep your Seder manageable:

  1. Borrow copies for the Messianic Haggadah from Beth Israel. (And return please!)
    1. You can sign out copies today!
  2. Identify on the 2019 Seder Outline in advance which elements you will use. 
    1. Check the boxes for the English and Hebrew you will use.
  3. Use only as much Hebrew as you are comfortable with.
  4. Share participation with others at your Seder.
    1. In the “Who” column, write down who will do each part.
    1. Verify with participants in advance what parts you want them to do.
  5. Don’t just read the Haggadah out loud. Speak in conversational tones and add your own thoughts.
  6. Ask questions.  And ask who has questions. Give short answers. This helps everyone engage and makes the Seder more meaningful. Keep things moving.
  7. Keep the time well managed. The first half can take 30-60 minutes. Then there is dinner. The second half can take 15-30 minutes.
  8. Consult a more experienced Seder leader for more guidance and ideas about the food, set up, and meal.

Messianic Seder basics:

  1. Three foods should be eaten (matzah, bitter herbs, and lamb) and Blessings from the Haggadah should be said prior to eating.
    1. Matzah Blessings: Motzi Matzah and Achilat Matzah
    1. Bitter Herbs Blessing: Maror
    1. Roasted Lamb Blessing: Korech
  2. Include the Four Cups of Wine (or grape juice.)
  3. The story of the Passover and Exodus should be told (not read) in a way that everyone can understand. You can tell the story in your own words during the Magid (the Telling) or in pieces throughout the Seder. Don’t try to cover everything in the Bible about the Exodus and Passover J.
  4. Keep Yeshua in mind as you celebrate. The Messianic Haggadah has a number of comments and notes that will help you do this, including references to the Cup and Matzah of the New Covenant.