What God proved at Passover

Rabbi David Levine shares 7 things that God proved during Passover.

God proved 7 things during Passover

  1. God proved He has exclusive spiritual authority over Israel.
    • God calls us to serve only him.
    • He is God Almighty.
  2. God proved He keeps covenant with Israel even during times of difficult and sorrow.
    • He doesn’t forget us during times of trouble.
    • He wants us to remember him during good times and bad times.
  3. God proved He is a redeemer – he purchased us out of slavery from the Egyptians, and out of spiritual slavery.
    • He hears our cries.
    • He pays the price for our redemption.
    • Our part is to trust him and obey him.
    • His part is to redeem us.
  4. God proved that he sees if we have applied the blood of the lamb as an act of faith and obedience – at Passover in Egypt, and now in relationship to Yeshua.
    • God is looking for faith and faithfulness in us.
    • At Passover in Egypt – he told the Jewish people to put the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their houses.
    • Faith was shown by action.
    • It is the same today – we need a Passover lamb today for our redemption.
    • Yeshua is that lamb.  He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
  5. God proved he has authority over Egypt – he had the authority to force Pharaoh to let God’s people go.
    • God wants us to know that He can rescue us from our enemies.
    • God will always save a remnant.
    • Pharaoh is gone, but Israel is alive.
    • Hitler is gone, but the Jewish people are alive.
  6. God proved that he has authority over the gods of Egypt – he judged them with the 10 plagues.
    • There are spiritual forces that hate the Jewish people, and want to destroy us.
    • At Passover, we remember that our God is stronger than all other spiritual forces.
  7. God proved that he raises the dead – by resurrecting Yeshua during Passover, and showing that Yeshua is Messiah and Redeemer of Israel.
    • God opened up the Red Sea and brought the children of Israel through the waters.
    • In the same way, God opened up the grave, and brought Yeshua up from the dead, and then up to heaven.
    • God is able to save us.
    • At Passover, we remember we need God’s salvation.
Chagall, Exodus 1952-66