I’m a Muslim who’s angry at Dems’ failure to condemn anti-Semite Omar – They betrayed loyal Jewish supporters

By Qanta Ahmed, M.D. Published March 08, 2019 According to polls, more than 75 percent of American Jewish voters cast ballots for Democratic candidates in the November midterm elections. But sadly, Democrats who control the U.S. House betrayed that loyal support Thursday when they failed to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar for repeatedly engaging in hate-filled Read more

Beyond Either/Or

Sometimes we can be tricked or trapped by a false Either/Or argument. This week’s Torah portion helps us recognize how to avoid the trap in both spiritual and practical matters. Rabbi David Levine’s message “Beyond Either/Or” is available now. To listen, click on the link below.https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/beyond-either-or-erev-shabbat-adar-10-5779-february-15-2019/id206197047?i=1000430007770&mt=2